Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Sara Keith 10th Feb 2009

This drawing was done on Tues, Sara Keith came and gave us a chat or is it a lecture on funding, just as to where funding can be had, depending on age , that puts me out as i am a little older, Sara was really well dressed and i wonder whether she designed her own clothes, she graduated from Glasgow School of Art in costume design, then she got into television and film, i wonder what films?
She stressed professionalism, she certainly looked the part, she was stressing how important it is to get your funding forms in on time and that they are well presented.
She teaches at Dundee in the Textile Department, my old home, she is still using her textile practice in her PhD work with metal and fabric, do i still use mine? Probably not as much as i would like but that is OK, it is still a skill i have.
Yesterday Kate and i did a little collaborative work together on memory, we tried to come up with different things to help with memory just like Norman Alm and Dr Jayne Wallace, i think Kate had Jayne's paper so we kind of used that, i enjoyed it, it was good working with her perhaps we could do it again, we used a quick and dirty probe, Plasticine and whatever else we could find, to imagine what we could make and how it can help me.

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