Thursday, 29 January 2009

during chat with lovely suit man Ken

quick sketch of the sofa dwellers on tuesday, do we need to reflect on tuesdays and link it into our course that i am not quite sure any one care to help?

smart scotland

again wee drawing when we were listening to this guy i think his name was ken,can someone help if this is a lie??he had a proper pin stripe suit on and mister men brogues, i love mister men brogues, his time is precious to us and him, so i thank him, and everyone in the masters and ethnography for putting up with my constant staring at you all. I have found the spell checker on my new lap top hooray no more spelling mishaps, think i would like to revisit my drawings again and embellish them, put some new ones up in my space some colour is needed

jamie henderson

jamie henderson came in to talk on tuesday, he is from innovation portal, he was telling us about how to get money , to tempt us to set up on our own the cheeky boy, i got a bit immersed in the drawing today so not many notes on reflection , i felt a bit pressured to draw everyone maybe i am putting too much pressure on myself, jamie gave us his time for that i am grateful he was good to draw , although did noy finnish his suit weave,

tuesday lisa cresswell

lisa works with mike on the deign against crime team, be positive, be curious, be determined, communicate, be patient,have fun.....pushing the boundaries, be confident. the skills that you have got and adaptability, i suppose she has a point , it is not about new learning but learning more about what you already know.

same day tuesday

again the same day this drawing of mike is not the best but it was only quick sketch, keep evolving your process focus and research, i guess every thing evolves every thing changes every day, i try and not to get lost in the drawing but sometimes it is just so hard not to, to imagine the fabric etc and to keep focussed on what i want to do, sometimes i just don't know what i want to do is this natural, other peers in my masters have a great handle on things me i feel like i am a salmon swimming the wrong way.

tuesday 27th january 2009 with Prof Mike Press

A talk on design against crime and terror with Mike Press, talked to us about the importance of a good team, work with the best people and give them their heads (try to keep them) find your own place in that team and refine your specialist role, it sounds , say YES to things even if you know you can't, this is not lying it is bullshitting..

same day monday

Jayne also was very mindful of her precious participants, she was very mindful of them which you need to be , as i need to be more mindful of my spelling, sorry , she also said perhaps that if you finnish things too much they become too precious to you, so she makes multiples which is a great idea,she also trusts people and they her which is a lovely thing these people will know she will not exploit them.any comments ??????

On monday wehad a talk with Dr Jayne Wallace abut her lovely jewellery

This was a lovely day she is a nice person, very natural i thought and the way she spoke aout her jewellery was heartfelt, she used probes to get people to share thoughts with her, alsoworking with people with memory problems, also i wemt to see Jimmy Orr who works at Roxburghe House , to hopefully do some volunteer work , to work with people in palliative care, so i will work alongside the occupational therapist,creating something that the daycare patients want to do, very exciting, so Jayne suggested that perhaps i use myself and my drawing as a probe ,what do you think?????I think that creating gifts for these people will be a lovely thing also a longevity to it memory a lasting thing , that will survive, things that they can create for their children or just to be left in their New Home..for others to comment on or even read. So that they might not feel so lonely.

this was the image i wanted to usefor the reflective journal

to develop critical thinking,to record the experience,not thinking then writing, thinking through writing.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

New module with Prof Mike Press and Jonathon Baldwin.

Our new module is Context an Cohesion basically in this module we all have to write something on our study for our masters, for next week we have been given two papers to read, written in completly different styles we have to discuss them and say perhaps what we liked or didnot like about them, i have read the first one by Anna Gerber and Teal Triggs, shall i try and say what it was about you see i am not that confident a writer ok here goes...basically we listen to and are lives are shaped by what critics think of design whether graphics or architecture,a new course is being set up in london so that people can use their critical voices . Critics perhaps have too much of an influence on what we all think, like , whether it is good or bad design they will decide for us rather than us having a choice ourselves, this is not all of the paper but i hope i have got some of the jist...........

Chris fiona and claire

again this was done on the same day chris was asked how he brushed his teeth, it was not as simple as going to the toilet and cleaning his teeth but quite a complex operation of other toothbrushes for girlfriends cause he thought it was time she had her own one when she came to stay an invitation to toothbrush cohabit, fiona on tea making and the bags she uses and when she made her first brew and how i felt when she came to my house and i made her tea bet she hated my tea, she can make it herself the next time....Claire when Kate had to answer for her and how awkward it was for both of them as neither one wanted to offend the other,

Reflective Journal

This was not the image i had for this i must have forgot to add it never mind i will scan said image in and it will be ok, we had atalk on reflective journal writing with Jonathon Baldwin, What is reflective writing? Not thinking then writing thinking through writing make sense a way to get your thoughts down quickly and perhaps to ask yourself why? you like something or why you don't , it can be personal and public so everyone can see and comment on what you are writing,to interact with others.records experience, today i could not see Jonathon so he escaped my pen today but not for long, i find him very knowledgeable and i am always wishing i can be the same so i will practice.

Tom and Hazel on a new module

It is called Designing Innovative Research, connected communities, how communities are connected ie the elderly, in this drawing i tried to get the texture of the knit and checks on Tom's shirt.

Richard Harper from Microsoft

This is Richard Harper i made him coffee i dont know if he drank it or not but he was very tall and was lovely to draw , his face was very expressive , he was talking about microsoft and how design could and can be used to descibe the home and landscape, and how software designers expect to get everything moving through large truncations , to put their thoughts somewhere else, if any one would care to comment it would be great thanks..........please write something.....

think this was a monday

this was done on monday whilst watching ourselves back on the projector, it was a painful experience for me , perhaps not so for others but practice makes perfect hey.

christine kingsley

this was our first day back and found out that our Mindful Design Practice is being led by Christine kingsley and Qin , which is good she had emailed me a lovely article called sketching the scene which was published in the scotsman, a illustator called Jenny Soep she is also on blogsopt if you want to check her out , her drawings are lovely.

another drawing of my gran

again another drawing of my gran, eventually i want to use these for my masters project, the gift of giving , what do i mean by this ? i want to use them as gifts to give to people creating a library of drawings images , textures which i will collect from say my gran to keep in a book or box lots of little gifts, these will have a memory to them i e to stimulate memory, and also to have a longevity to them.

this is a drawing of my granny

drew this on christmas day, just a quick sketch , i was trying to get the feel of my gran, she was wearing a purple hand knitted cardi which i think my mum knitted for her and a pink top and a brown skirt, i would like to use colour and texture in this drawing but for quickness getting it up online no colour and also to vary the line with which i draw this can be done at a later date , any comments...