Thursday, 29 January 2009

On monday wehad a talk with Dr Jayne Wallace abut her lovely jewellery

This was a lovely day she is a nice person, very natural i thought and the way she spoke aout her jewellery was heartfelt, she used probes to get people to share thoughts with her, alsoworking with people with memory problems, also i wemt to see Jimmy Orr who works at Roxburghe House , to hopefully do some volunteer work , to work with people in palliative care, so i will work alongside the occupational therapist,creating something that the daycare patients want to do, very exciting, so Jayne suggested that perhaps i use myself and my drawing as a probe ,what do you think?????I think that creating gifts for these people will be a lovely thing also a longevity to it memory a lasting thing , that will survive, things that they can create for their children or just to be left in their New Home..for others to comment on or even read. So that they might not feel so lonely.

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