Monday, 4 May 2009

Sleepy Lady and Wee Man

I was just imagining if either of thess two people will need Palliative Care or would use any kind of therapy, perhaps they do already, she had a green top on with flowers and she was fast asleep unaware of me using her as a gift to me and my project, she was quite popular as her phone never stopped ringing when we were coming into Dundee, she was really nice to draw. So was he.
It has been great having a visual journey through this course, I don't know if I would have coped as far as i have without it, all i know it helps me i just don't know how.

Salty Girl

Will Salty Girl help me to know the current and anticipated business envronment for the results of this design project?Perhaps this is a good time for new business ventures and speaking to Jamie Henderson at innovative portal.
Or will it be beneficial to the stakeholders? will it be beneficial to my career after i leave here i think so.
It helps me to relate and reflect on my drawings and using them as therapy so have i ran a pilot on myself, does it help me to cope with things, like remembering and striking up conversations with people about what i do,will it help those who need it? I aim to do so, cause no one has a magic foresight to predict who will need Palliative Care, we all need care in some shape or form we need things from other people, we need research so that we learn from that and move it somewhere else somewhere different, although i think i am not particularly needy i am really.

Living In a Box

They look fun don't they although it is not a fun thing which I am about to embark upon but hopefully i can use my skills and help them.
Who are the key stakeholders in this project? if you had asked me this question about 6 months ago i would not have known how to answer it, now maybe i have a better idea, The NHS will be a big stakeholder, the patients themselves and their families to name a few.

Salt People Lying Down

The salt people will help me with my question answering,Why is this project needed? for example Why?? that is the million dollar question probably because the people in Roxburge House are going there because they are unwell so it is needed to help them deal with things like their anger, frustration, I am no Therapist but what I am trying to achieve will have a small effect to some, one or all...

Salt People

Some of these I made by hand and others i cut using my gingerbread cutters can you tell which ones I made, I think they are funny and they make me laugh, they can be picked up and interacted with which is what i want to do during my Mindful Design Practice, also they can be put in the houses and boxes,need to get some hidden pockets done some quick and dirty prototypes, also the people will help the process as they can be moved

Ms Salty 2009

My goodness what a big lady, just trying to imagine what they would look like together, they are both fragile which i like, that could be her house and gift, don't know what i will do with them when i have finished this module, great to draw a map to map out where Roxburge House actually is in Dundee so that at least it relates to what I and my project are speaking about. Have them set out in little streets leading to Roxburghe House eventually,on my last visit there it is a lovely welcoming place with lots of art works which the people there have worked on during past projects, it is great for them , they are running a few things there like gardening and reike massage, good ..

Salty House

Just a few ideas for 15 questions we have to answer, instead of balloons, ideas for wallpaper which could be used in Roxburghe House, as well as the blanket, which will tell a narrative of all the people in there, met again with Jimmy Orr and Diane the Occupational Therapist, and filled in disclosure forms, which Is a great step forward in the right direction very exciting, I have enjoyed making the little houses and people, have also made ginger bread men , women and children, that sounds a bit horrid i sound like some mad geneticist,The little boxes could be used to keep things in as they are fairly robust, going to make a fabric house so it will be different from the others, made another salt dough house but it is so fragile, still it is lovely tried to stitch it together did not go so well but will persevere, at least I am making something tangible.