Monday, 4 May 2009

Salty House

Just a few ideas for 15 questions we have to answer, instead of balloons, ideas for wallpaper which could be used in Roxburghe House, as well as the blanket, which will tell a narrative of all the people in there, met again with Jimmy Orr and Diane the Occupational Therapist, and filled in disclosure forms, which Is a great step forward in the right direction very exciting, I have enjoyed making the little houses and people, have also made ginger bread men , women and children, that sounds a bit horrid i sound like some mad geneticist,The little boxes could be used to keep things in as they are fairly robust, going to make a fabric house so it will be different from the others, made another salt dough house but it is so fragile, still it is lovely tried to stitch it together did not go so well but will persevere, at least I am making something tangible.

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