Friday, 14 November 2008

tom inns chat on ethics

owen pilgrim

we had a story telling workshop with debbie maxwell

the previous drawing was that of debbie this one is of owen pilgrim

workshop with tom inns

workshop on sustainability

tom inns

tom inns workshop on ethics

gideon chat on sustainability

gideon talking tous on sustainable community

again the same day lecture with gideon

chat with gideon

lecture with gideon kossoff

gideon came and gave us a chat

another quick sketch of nick, telling us of his trip from his home and walked to florence

after frances we had a chat with nick waring he was such a lovely guy

a quick sketch of nick, he was really great to listen to

had a chat with frances stevenson on her visual journals really interesing

it was good to see her work

same lecture

had a lecture with dr louise valentine on her work