Thursday, 22 January 2009

New module with Prof Mike Press and Jonathon Baldwin.

Our new module is Context an Cohesion basically in this module we all have to write something on our study for our masters, for next week we have been given two papers to read, written in completly different styles we have to discuss them and say perhaps what we liked or didnot like about them, i have read the first one by Anna Gerber and Teal Triggs, shall i try and say what it was about you see i am not that confident a writer ok here goes...basically we listen to and are lives are shaped by what critics think of design whether graphics or architecture,a new course is being set up in london so that people can use their critical voices . Critics perhaps have too much of an influence on what we all think, like , whether it is good or bad design they will decide for us rather than us having a choice ourselves, this is not all of the paper but i hope i have got some of the jist...........

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redjotter said...

Hey Arlene,
Thanks for sharing your insight on design critics :) I will miss you this hard and play hard!!
Lauren xx