Thursday, 29 January 2009

same day tuesday

again the same day this drawing of mike is not the best but it was only quick sketch, keep evolving your process focus and research, i guess every thing evolves every thing changes every day, i try and not to get lost in the drawing but sometimes it is just so hard not to, to imagine the fabric etc and to keep focussed on what i want to do, sometimes i just don't know what i want to do is this natural, other peers in my masters have a great handle on things me i feel like i am a salmon swimming the wrong way.


fen said...

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Rosie Barthram said...

You're not swimming the wrong way, you're swimming in a different way... you'll see different things and so think different things and that's something to treasure. Try not to try not to get lost in the drawing. Maybe think about it in a different way. In drawing you're not getting lost, you're getting transported to another place that has lots of new (and importantly, worthwhile) things to explore. Let yourself go to that place but when you come back maybe have a wee think about what you found there and why you want to go back. That will be hard because you may experience things in that place which can't easily be translated into the language of this place (or into the language of the other little fish all going in the other direction). You might have to come up with an in-between language incorporating bits of both worlds. I'd say give it a go. Perhaps you could start by noting those little things that make you smile when you're in that other place and trying to communicate them in some way. Maybe.