Wednesday, 4 February 2009

3rd February 2009

This was a session today with jonathon and Hazel, they were asking whether we had been or have started using our reflective journals, our journal needs to have good links as Terry Irwin said everything is connected, so perhaps connections are needed between the modules or is it the way you link it al together??
Sometimes when i buy the Sunday papers it takes me until the next Sunday to read them, i bought the observer the time when learn to play guitar so i thought i would be slash in no time alas no, i can only manage chords, oh well i try in my head i am shredding....
Had a go on wordle today it looked good but don't know how to get it on my blog??? Mixed wards came up today whether men and women should be together on the same wards, why not?? this is the new millennium right!! Maybe the ladies snore too much or the men are a bit more flatulent ..Radio 4 was mentioned today, i like radio 2 and radio 1 but i will give it a go, I also googled Ralph Baker he is an American football player, so i did it again i think he is an author who compiled the M series, but i could be wrong!!
Remember no one does anything they don't enjoy, is this true? i am sure we all have, i know i have, but then do we follow or lead, do we want to fit in , or do we crave difference??.
This spell checker is great only a few mistakes today.
It has to be enjoyable.

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