Sunday, 1 February 2009

How to read critically, Wednesday 29th January 2009

These notes were taken during a
talk with Prof Mike Press.
How do we approach? how do we find? how do we evaluate, how it helps us to think?
Why do we read? We read so that we can understand ideas, not to remember facts, reading also helps us to develop and challenge our own thoughts and ideas, to know where relevant ideas and facts are located, it enables us to challenge ourselves, to construct a rigorous argument, to test what is familiar. Mike showed us "Mary had a little Lamb" and we were to explain this in our own words, mine went a bit awry and I ended up talking about some stalking lamb, oh well try again.
Restatement of "Mary had a little Lamb"
Description of "Mary had a little Lamb"
Interpetation of "Mary had a little Lamb"

Talks about Mary and her stalking lamb. RESTATEMENT what the text says.
Talks about the story within the nursery rhyme DESCRIPTION what a text does
Talks about meaning within the story INTERPRTATION what text means

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