Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Febuary 3rd 2009.

Drawing i did during our time with Kirsty, looked at this again it looked really unexciting, so i thought i will try and write a little more, i am becoming more scared about my critical writing we have to do for the 18th Feb, been reading The Guardian daily in the library, found some exciting stuff, some on parents not vaccinating their children against measles. Is this a ramble? I also have no links in my blog as it is supposed to have, Lauren did show me but i can't do it, i will have to ask her again.
I keep wondering about her bruise though, i hope she is ok.


Ketan Kulkarni said...

I really like the way of yours in putting down the notes in a precise manner and those illustrations are absolutely awesome. :)
I always try to make mind maps but those get converted into mind crap. It would be grateful of you if you give me some suggestion about the notes taking exercise :D

arlenemckeeillustrator said...

hello my friend, i think it is just an easy way of me recalling stuff, cause i enjoy the drawing so the notes come quite naturally, maybe find a way of making your mind maps illustative , will talk to you monday,:-)