Sunday, 1 February 2009

How to read critically, Wednesday 29th January 2009

A critical reader.....determines how much weight to assign the article, weighs the effects of motives and biases, both his or her own and those of the author, is more concerned with finding the truth than being right, does not reject unpopular views without examining them first.
How to write a critical review? You learn to construct an argument, it is a focussed activity(in contrast with essay writing)
How to do it ? Describe the work and its topic, the author, the subject the relevance and who it is pitched at, be descpitive and short.
Explain "the craft" of the book , what the author brings to the field, the sources used and the approach, the arguments, the intention of the book, it is not a summary of contents, but an analysis of approach and intent.
Evaluate whether the goals are met.
Purpose, Why did the author write the work? What did the author hope to achieve?
Content, is there a central thesis or argument, what are the author's.
Author's style, hoe would you descibe the style, for example is it simple, logical,technical or wordy, is the writing style suitable for the general public or for a target audience of "experts".
My goodness what a lot to remember by the time i have thought about all this i will have forgotten what i am supposed to do!!!

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