Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Norman Alm 3rd February 2009

Dr Norman Alm, who is working on a programme with patients with dementia, his team came up with idea of a visual scrapbook which is an excellent idea. The first attempts of this was perhaps not so successful due to the photographs being too personal and the dementia sufferer not recognising family members, this was upsetting for the families , the patients and Norman, so they used generic photos etc to stimulate memory so as to get the patient to interact to share their stories, memories etc.
Many of the people with dementia spontaneously commented on how they enjoyed using the programme, this gave the carers respite also so that they were not in control of the conversation, the people themselves chose what they wanted to talk about. Short term memory sufferers live in the moment. Norman was told that his research could only be used with dementia sufferers of a less severity, does this make sense? So does this mean that those of a more severe case were not included?, this is a shame, are these people of lesser value, must frustrate him as his research is so valuable to health, Norman also said that you have to think of different ways to communicate as you lose language skills when the dementia gets worse.

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