Thursday, 12 February 2009

reflecive journal with Jonathon and hazel, Tues 10th Feb 2009

We had a meeting to discuss the reflective journal, i think i am still a bit confused about the whole thing as i don't really know what i should be reflecting on, is it only Tuesdays, yes it is silly me, only to find a what to connect our journal to every module right?
Hazel reflected on this morning as she hates lateness and so does Sara Keith, i was glad i drove like Stirling Moss to get there on time, as i would have been really embarrassed, so it was good to get there on time, Sara was there just 2 minutes late, we were all there .
Jo's journal was used for the afternoons session i was glad it wasn't mine, i would have probably ran away or got really defensive. Well i am only human, maybe i should give my journal to someone, but who to trust, as it is a trust thing right? Sarah Kettley this morning also suggested that trust is a big issue in her work, as everyone has their own piece to complete on time, what if this didnot happen? So she would probably remember this and never work with that person or company again.
Hazel is going off to Split, don't know ifthis is spelled correctly,she is going to a seminar as they are interested in her work, she is going in the guise of a young scientist, she quipped imagine when i get off the plane and they see me! So i reflected when she said this maybe i could get her a white coat and put one of my drawings on it, stitch it on as it is quicker, what do you think?

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