Wednesday, 4 February 2009

C.V writing with Kirsty Miller

Kirsty Miller came in today, I was fascinated by her Cardi and Cords very tactile, think cord is a good fabric as it feels nice when you run your fingers along the nap and it makes that unique noise when you walk fabulous, i remember i had a pair of wrangler cords back then they were fashionable, tee hee, any way they were brown and had the sign on the back pocket it was on the right pocket, these were well worn, so the cords were too long so my mum took them up, so when you grew the cords were taken down and new afbric appeared at the bottom a dead give away, i don't know why i wrote this but it was the cords i just love them. I no longer have any cords.
Kirsty had sparkly buttons on her cardi and had pockets , what lives in there? Does she have a favourite thing in there??

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