Thursday, 12 February 2009

Reflective Tuesday10th Feb

Imagine, is it OK to imagine? is it healthy to imagine? Are we doing imaginary reflecting or are we just imagining, What?I know this does not make sense to me , doI mean it is good to imagine, are we too scared to imagine, mostly I imagine getting through my Masters, sometimes I have a hard time not understanding things, this is OK as i ask for help, I find it hard to link thing together perhaps there is a link to Mondays module as christine suggested I need to become a facilitator for the moment, will look back on Tom Inns facilitation notes..

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Hazel White said...

Hi Arlene - try writing the letter - what was Tuesday morning's session about? How would you explain it to someone else?
In answer to the question about 'is it just the Designing Innovative Research Module you reflect on? We talked a lot about that on Tuesday - you must cover that in your reflections, but inevitably your thoughts will connect (as you have done) to other areas of your study. My advice would be to deepen your discussion. Try leaving the small details out - as this obscures or replaces deeper reflection. They can come back in when you have tackled some of the deeper issues, but leave them aside for just now and discuss what you are learning and how you can show what you have learned.