Sunday, 1 February 2009

context and cohesion 29th January 2009.

session on writing with Mike Press and Jonathon Baldwin on Wednesday, they were saying that to have a good style of writing is appropriate whether it is academic, reflective or journalistic. Everyone in Scotland could read and write, there was no social class structure to this, which i did not know, Why was this mainly due to the the church everyone was to read the bible and have a universal literacy , writing according to Mr Press is about a set of techniques i hope these techniques work for me as i am not that confident in writing, Jonathon said that to read is to write, you cannot write if you don't read, this makes sense, but sometimes perhaps my interpretation of something is entirely different to someone else. I guess that is what makes us all different, Jonathon suggests that if our writing is well written, saying one thing clearly and has a good argument, expose to understand the difference between the two, looking at a piece of writing and see how it is written.

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