Sunday, 29 March 2009

Random Starbucks

Quick sketch in Starbucks,committing those people to my memory sketchbooks, so it helps me to recall the ambiance of the day and the people there. I think it works well but I know that the peolpe in Roxburghe House may feel a little intimidated by it as I do committing pen to paper on that first page is always a scary prospect as it is always the first thing to be seen but it is always a good thing as you have conquered a fear and sometimes it is just like the introduction of a book, it just leads you in and gives you a flavour of what is to come, sometimes I get embarrased by my drawing but I do enjoy them, as I enjoy engaging and listening to people, I know that this project is not all about me it is about other people and what they would like to do and how I can help and will help them achive this goal.

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