Sunday, 29 March 2009

Grace sam and Jo

During my researh I have read a lot on Palliative Care and I realise that the research that has been done before has great benefit to these people in these homes, they use it to aid them , it helps them to cope better, I know that I am no Therapist or Occupational Therapist but I am willing to learn, recently I have met with Beth Robertson who worked at Roxburghe House and knows what these patients can and cannot do, so I explained to Beth what I would lke to do she seems to like the project What isthe role of visual narrative within the Community Hospital setting ? We had a kind of brain shower I think it is called now and i have been making paper houses as a kind of "home" setting like a little memory house where they can keep their memories in, Beth thought that perhaps the houses were too fragile and that if they fell to pieces it would have implications for the patients as they would feel more fragile than they do already, they have gave up their homes to be in their new homes, so things around them that make them feel secure will help.

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