Sunday, 29 March 2009

More Little houses

During my chat with Beth, we both sang from the same book which was lovely and she thought that my ideas were good and that they would work well at Roxburghe House if I was making the blanket then they the patients would be involved with the whole making process, as all I need is fabric, different haptic fabrics , fabrics that have a comforting feeling to them, things that are simplr for them to do and that they are able to do and I can help them, I will take my laptop in so that they can have anything they want scanned into Photoshop and they can help and see what is going on, some of them can be used to make the blanket perhaps some used to make a book or even wallpaper. So that the blanket and book stay long after I have gone, it has meaning , memory, comfort and longevity.

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