Sunday, 29 March 2009

Chat with Lauren.

We had a meeting last week with Jill who is the external assessor for our course she suggested that i have a chat with Lauren Currie, so i explained what i was thinking about my project, i have wanted something left, something left for the future, a physical thing that is left behind, i think i keep everyhand written thing, a future wish if you like. How would this affect the recipient and the consequences of the letter, maybe if someone has commited a crime, a hidden pocket so that perhaps i can stitch something into. Lauren suggested Psychology of wishing and that i check out her www.douceurs; Why people wish? When people wish when they see a shooting star, wishing you a happy birthday, when you sneeze one's a wish, two's a kiss, wishing a merry christmas, all the best, dandelion wishes, wishing well, wishfull thinking , wishing your life away.
Think of a name I have been thinking of words Trust, Time,Visual Literacy,Simplicity,Tactile, Memory,Lasting,Longevity,Community,Togetherness,Faith,Culture,Personality,Representative,Comfort,
Hermanuetic Phenomology, so that they can be used to think of a business, buy a wish, give a wish, make a special wish, using my skills as a textile designer, printer illustator to keep their dreams alive.

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SUN said...

I always wish that you are happy with whatever you do^^