Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Dr Kathleen Mcmillan

Having to write a 2,500 word either an academic writing or a journalistic article on my project, so have found a lot of things on Palliative Care, basically it is any form of medicinal care that focuses on the reduction of the severity of disease symptoms.So it was interesting finding out different ways in which Art Therapy can be used, It helps patients to adjust to their diagnoses through research already done it seems to work better within groups safety in numbers, they get support, solace and strength from others, even though the case studies are sad they are rewarding for everyone involved, although sometimes I wonder who supports the carers. Jenny Soep emailed me and said she did some work with Norman Alm, and said she liked my blog and my drawings as they are a good way of remembering and recording as you can get alzheimers in your 20's how scary.

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